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Center for Languages & Generic Development


Through the Board of Director’s meeting, the approval for the Centre for Languages and General Studies (CLGS) was given in April 2015. In general, the implementation of this centre would enable the university to produce graduates who are more equipped to face challenges by a borderless world, and who will be given a platform to communicate with the environment, perpetually striving for lifelong learning, and an insight to the true meaning of knowledge and education.


At UCSF, the Centre for Languages and General Studies is the provider of all university core syllabus. As such, we have a major role in the academic life of every student who enrols at UCSF.

Essentially, as the medium of instruction at UCSF is English, one of the central roles is to assist students to attain a standard level of proficiency in the language to enable them to complete their studies successfully. In fact, English, whether it be in the form of blended learning for English Proficiency Skills, Interactive English, or English for Professional Communications, is an integral part of every undergraduate programme taught at UCSF. And for students who would like to improve further, the Centre also offers a 10 weeks course in Intensive English Programme, open to all Malaysians, 16 years old and above. The Centre will also be offering other elective language proficiency courses including Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, French and German.

Another main function is to prepare students for the academic demands of their studies through the provision of a number of critical thinking and study skills based courses in order to produce graduates who are fluent and proficient in professional and social communications.

Recently approved from MPM (Majlis Pemeriksaan Malaysia), CLGD under UCSF is an authorized examination centre for MUET (Malaysian University English Test), and will hold workshops for its students who are interested in taking the MUET exams, an entry requirement for degree courses.

Finally, the Centre is responsible for offering the prescribed MQA General Studies courses – Bahasa Malaysia, Ethnic Relations, Malaysian Studies and Islamic, or Moral Studies – and all co-curriculum courses that carry study credits like Community Service, to acknowledge the student’s achievement in co-curricular activities. This ensures that students who graduate from UCSF are well-informed, versatile and responsible individuals who are ready to take their places both in the global workforce and in the environmentally aware community.


  • – To scaffold the English proficiency levels of the students based on the international CEFR (Common European Framework Reference) so the students will be better able to acquire and execute the language more efficiently.
  • – Cultivating specific identifiable skills that benefit the needs and demands of the modern student in borderless education.
  • – Offering courses that are beneficial for the development of the student’s personality and character building.
  • – Providing a platform (training ground) for the students to continuously cultivate their leadership skills, talents and use of critical thinking development.
  • – Equipping students with the basic training and soft skills that are required for every individual and developing well-informed and versatile scholars.
  • – Expanding English language acquisition in students for them to successfully complete their studies and to become proficient communicators for the workforce.
  • – Proffering opportunities to attain communicative levels in other foreign languages.
  • – Administering English language study support to the other faculty programmes in the university.
  • – Appointing credit hours to acknowledge the student’s achievement in co-curricular activities.
  • – To build an effective knowledge environment which in turns promotes lifelong education culture.
  • – To implement interesting and stimulating in and out-of-class activities to promote student-centred learning, independent education and autonomous learners.