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The Zero Fees Scheme is meant for students committed to make a change to this world.

There is no criteria enforced on the family’s household income. The eligibility is based on the student:

  • – Being a new student applying to a Foundation or Degree programme in UCSF
  • – Having an excellent academic result
  • – Demonstrating they are active in co-curricular activities
  • – Possessing good leadership skills and desires to succeed
  • – Having a clearly defined future goals and plans
  • – Having ability to effectively communicate and express their ideas

All Zero Fees Scheme applicants will undergo an interview by a selection committee. They are required to produce original copies of documents as evidences to the above criteria.


Each application will be given equal and due opportunity, with no applicant being treated less favourably than another on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic or national origin, colour, disability, religion or age and financial background. The primary consideration in the selection will be based purely on the applicants’ ability to meet the selection criteria as defined above.