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On behalf of the Faculty of Management & Entrepreneurship, I welcome all those who wish to put priority in pursuing a study in the field of business.

We have a tagline for the Faculty of Management & Entrepreneurship, that is “We Mean Business”, and we really do mean so, because our approach to business is holistic – where business is dissected into parts and the integral relationships of these business entities are analysed and conceptionalised into workable strategies – in other words, we believe that in today’s world economy, the approach to business should always encompass a strategic understanding of the economic landscape, understanding the frontier of competitions, attuning to the demographic influence and incorporating prevailing and upcoming global trend, before charting and embarking on a creative and innovative path.

With UCSF close involvements in the human capital development initiatives of the state (of Sabah), our faculty consists of experienced academicians and practitioners who are constantly putting their ideas and researches into “motion”, driving innovative ideas and new ventures.

Apart from advocating entrepreneurship, being a Green University, we also advocate the “green” theme. That is, seeking efficiency, balance and sustainability while reducing environmental risks, ecological scarcities and taking an ethical approach towards building a fair business environment which integrates well with the rich, biologically diverse and natural environment which we call our Natural Capital.

Hence, if you feel and believe strongly in the ideology of UCSF and the ethos of the Faculty of Management & Entrepreneurship, why wait? We welcome you, come and join us now!