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Our Commitment

University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) is given a clean slate to chart the direction for its establishment and future growth by its sole owner the Sabah Foundation. Drawing from the strengths and geographical location of Sabah, UCSF intends to become a boutique institution of higher learning that offers study and research programs focusing on biodiversity, environment and conservation. It will be the first university in Malaysia that sets itself as a green university right from the outset, not a hindsight or an afterthought. The lofty goals of this university would therefore converge on building a sustainable HABITAT for HUMANITY through education and research.

To help invent a future that is progressive and sustainable, UCSF needs to be ahead of the pack. It will equip its staff and students to be just that. We believe that future generations must rely on a firm understanding of the interconnected green issues facing us today so as to be guided towards sustainable living. We will offer learning and research programmes that can lead to this green behaviour and creativity. This focused and unique learning experience is our edge.