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Vice-Chancellors Message

From the outset, University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) will refrain from offering ALL the conventional study disciplines available at other universities in the country today. Instead, it will be a boutique university that focuses on a few areas deemed able to raise its reputation to international prominence in a short time.

UCSF will be branded as a “Green University.” It will offer teaching and research programs aimed at achieving sustainability. Our decision to become a green university is compelling. Within a span of three decades, the digital revolution has changed much of the way we live, work and interacts with each other. The unprecedented advancement of information and communication technology will continue to make new changes in the way humankind function individually and socially. At the same time, a new revolution seems looming in the horizon. The biological revolution is next and set to follow suit. This however will be hugely dependent on how we leverage on the wealth and diversity of our own biological resources. Sabah’s edge is in its biodiversity. We seek to ride on the crests of advancing waves of this new biological revolution.

It will be a new wave university in subscribing and carrying its roles in the knowledge business. It will DISSEMINATE knowledge through teaching and learning, GENERATE knowledge through research and APPLY knowledge through industry and society for the innovation economy. UCSF will develop learning and research areas based on the strengths and opportunities of Sabah. The graduates of UCSF are targeted for the regional and global markets besides meeting the needs of Sabah.